St. Ives Women’s Christmas Classic

The St. Ives Christmas Classic tournament is a favorite event for women squash players of all levels! The last remaining of 4 original women’s T&D singles tournaments, St. Ives has been running for approximately 25 years continuously.


Rob Brooks celebrates with TDWSA players at the Ontario Master’s Championships in October 2016

The event takes place the first weekend of December (2-4) and is the last full tournament of 2016. How lucky it’s also the only individual singles tournament exclusively for women!

Tournament director Rob Brooks has been a great supporter of women’s squash and always runs a successful and fun event! All entrants receive generous entry prizes: including St. Ives skin care and beauty products, a holiday chocolate treat, and a tournament shirt! There is also a Wine and Cheese on Saturday night, courtesy of sponsor Armour Valve.

Come out and catch up with friends, on and off court at the St.Ives Christmas Classic!

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